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Now That’s a big $2,000!

Now Playing | The $3.2 million home that’s now worth $2.4 million Now Playing – $1,200 car loan for a $10,000 down payment Now Playing    It was a busy day for auctioneer Tony B. from the California Auctioneers Association. 

He picked up some lots that had been put up for sale for a combined price of $2 million. 

“We’re still working on some of the bids,” he said.

“We had a lot of people come in and say they were going to put it up for $3 million.” 

Some of the auctions have been selling for $5 million or more.

The auction is one of the most successful in the state. 

Bidding on any lot in the auction will start at 10:00 a.m.

(Pacific) on Thursday. 

Some lots have been sold to buyers for more than $1 million.

 The highest price was a $1.2-million home in San Diego, where the previous record was set in 2013. 

A lot on auction for $1-million sold in a few hours was a piece of artwork by artist David Pritchard.

There were some really big bids in the first few hours.

“The number of bids we’re getting is so much higher than we ever expected,” Baskin said.

Baskin was impressed by the bidding in San Jose, which he called “a bit crazy.”

“We had two people come through the door and they said, ‘We’re going to buy this house for $2,’ and they were in the bidding for $4,” Basket said. 

The first time I went in, I was blown away by the level of bidding we were getting,” he added.

He said there are a lot more auctions in the area in the next few weeks.

We’re seeing a lot fewer homes being sold than we had in years past, Baskins said.

The auctioneer said the most expensive lot he sold was a 3,200-square-foot home for $7.9 million.

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