Auctioneers at the American Iron and Metal Association’s massart auction often ask if the buyer will be allowed to sell a piece in person.

If so, they are advised to put it on the Internet for bidding, as there’s no way of verifying the buyer’s identity.

However, a buyer could make a mistake and accidentally bid on an item that the seller never saw.

To find out if your massart is listed online, you can contact the auction house directly.

If the auctioneers cannot contact you, they will notify you by mail or telephone.

If they are unable to contact you by telephone, they can use their online chat program to send you an email address so you can ask them to contact the seller.

The seller’s address must be listed at the top of the page and must be an actual address.

If you do not see the address listed, you may contact the person who registered the auction.

The owner of the listing must confirm the sale on the auction website and provide an e-mail address.

After a successful auction, the buyer should return the piece to the auctioneer within seven days.

You will have a right of possession.

You can return a piece if you are not the intended owner.

If, after seven days, the seller has not notified you, you have the right to inspect the piece and pay for the auction fee.

The buyer is not required to return the item.

The purchaser may pay the auction proceeds directly to the owner, the auctionmaster, or a third party.

You may be asked to provide additional documentation, such as a photograph, to prove ownership.

The auctioneer may charge a buyer a fee for the services he or she provides, such the auction manager or the auction hall.

You are responsible for paying all costs associated with the auction and must give the auction a positive check or money order for any items you purchase.

If any item is lost or stolen, the purchaser may claim it to the American Art Collectors’ Fund.

The fund is a charitable organization established by Congress to support the art collections of artists and museums.

For more information on how to claim your art, contact the American Museum of Natural History.

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