How to watch the auction of the Champions League trophies

The auction of Champions League trophy holders will kick off at 11 a.m.

ET tonight, with a selection of the finalists to be announced on Tuesday.

The auction is open to fans of the league’s three most popular teams—Chelsea, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United—but there will be some exclusions, including those who don’t live in the city in which they’ll be selling the trophies.

There are two winners in each of the three cities.

The first is the winner of the bidding war between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

The bid for the 2010-11 title was nearly $1 billion, but the two clubs had to settle for a fifth place finish.

The second winner will be Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich, who will buy the trophies for $3 billion.

The winning bid was $3.2 billion, and it came from Abramovich’s former company, Abramovic Holdings, which he owns.

Auctioneer John Manheim says he has no reason to believe the bids for the 2011 Champions League title will be different, but he is “not going to sit on the sidelines” during the auction.

“We’re not going to wait for any bidding war,” Manheim told reporters.

The bidding war has been a huge topic of discussion since the first bidding began in November, with many fans calling for a more direct bidding process to ensure the winning bid isn’t diluted by the number of bids.

In addition to the bids that have been submitted, Manheim said the bidding process for the trophy auction will start this week.

If no winner emerges, the trophy will be sold off in person.

The winning bid will be the same as the previous one, which was $1.5 billion.

Manheim estimates that the bidding will be between $4.7 and $5 billion for the three trophy bids.

The trophy auction has been the subject of a lot of controversy since its beginning.

Last year, a woman who had lived in the Czech Republic for years was accused of being involved in a bid to buy the winning trophy.

The woman, Marianne Pronk, said in court that she didn’t want the trophy to go to her, but was “a little embarrassed” by the auction’s success.

The winner will have to pay a tax on the prize, as well as some expenses such as the cost of the auction itself.

The winner also has to pay for the costs associated with the auction, including security personnel and the cost for the team to play the game.

The other three trophies in the auction will go up for auction in June, and they will be auctioned at a similar price to the other three.

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