The fastest supercar ever sold for £20m in a London auction.

The McLaren P 1, built in 1937 and the car that won the world’s fastest ever race in the famous McLaren-Honda factory in the United Kingdom, sold for a record-breaking £10.5m to the British auction house Hines in what was the world most expensive motor car auction.

This car is considered the first of its kind and one of only a handful ever built.

It was built in Japan by Honda and was named the F1 Racer in recognition of its unique styling and racing prowess.

The car was later built in America by Bentley and was nicknamed the Bentley R37 and the Bentley Continental GT.

It became the fastest super car ever to go on sale, going from 0 to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

Hines owner Peter Hines said the McLaren was a true sports car and the company’s owners had spent £200,000 on it and paid for the restoration.

“This car has a great history and it has been a favourite among the McLaren owners,” he said.

“We will be restoring the car and are working on a lot of work for its restoration.”

The car has had a couple of owners before, including one who took it to the auction and the other who purchased it on the same day the auction took place.

Peter Hines is also a director at Hines Auto Group, which owns a number of McLaren cars including the P1, which he said was a very special car.

He said the owners of the car had spent “several million pounds” on it, but he added that it was only a “one-off” purchase.

“It was built by Honda, which is one of the world leaders in motorsport, and we are very proud to have a McLaren P in our collection,” Mr Hines told the BBC.

“It is an extraordinary car.”

He said that, when the auction ended, it had sold for just under £2.5 million.

The Bentley and Continental GT cars had already been sold, but the McLaren’s history goes back to 1937 when Honda introduced the first car in its line-up.

“I have been involved in car auctions for years and have never seen a car that was sold for that much,” Mr Harries said.

“The McLaren has an incredible history, it’s a classic, a special car, it is the first McLaren.”

The McLaren was developed in conjunction with the Japanese manufacturer Honda and has been one of its most successful vehicles.

The car was sold in a private sale in Japan, but in a public auction in 2018, it was bought by the Hines family and is now being restored.

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