Otay, Turkey – For years, I have lived in a house in a Turkish town.

Now, the house is no longer my home, but the property has been given to me.

In May 2018, I went to Otay to bid on the car, one of two cars owned by my grandfather.

When I arrived at the auction house, the owner had already left.

After paying a huge amount of money, he had given the car back to me, along with his son, who was a second-generation Turkish car dealer.

The auction was one of the most expensive auctions I have ever attended.

For the next two years, my grandfather and I would sit in the middle of the road in the back of the car and watch the cars come and go, with the owner behind the wheel.

As the auction progressed, we would go on and watch as the cars passed, then we would look around for the next car that would come and leave.

It was my first time to see a car that had passed through my grandfather’s hands.

There are two reasons why I decided to buy the car.

First, it was a chance to see the car in person.

I had never been to Istanbul before, and my family had never gone there.

My grandfather said that he had seen the car at a museum in Istanbul.

The second reason was that I wanted to own it and show it to my friends and relatives.

I wanted the car to show that the Turkish family was very proud of its heritage and history.

The car that I purchased from my grandfather was a 1965 Toyota Corolla.

It was a mid-sized car with a 2.0L, two-speed manual transmission, and it had a good track record.

The auctioneer at the Otay Auto Auction in Turkey.

Al Jazeera’s Shariq Bashir reports from Istanbul.

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