In a bid to make their cars more attractive to buyers, carmakers are trying to get them to sell faster and higher.

They are also trying to convince the masses to spend more.

But a new report suggests that a new strategy for car sales in Mumbai is about to take root.

It says that the city’s carmakers have been trying to make sales faster, with some models seeing an increase of nearly 30% on their pre-announcement numbers in the past year.

The report says that as a result, sales in the city are on track to become India’s biggest auto show in the next year.

A lot of these cars have been in the market for months now, says a senior auto executive.

The report also said that the carmakers had also been trying their best to make the cars more affordable.

According to the report, a carmaker’s profit margin in India is now about 30% to 40%.

It’s higher than that of the US and Brazil, which are estimated to have an average profit margin of 15% to 20%.

This is because the car industry has a low debt burden.

The auto industry is also highly competitive.

And as a consequence, the company is willing to make its vehicles more affordable, and its profits have been going up.

While sales of the luxury cars have seen a big increase in recent months, a lot of the new models are still priced between Rs 500,000 and Rs 1 crore.

This is largely because there is a scarcity of these new models.

Even the most premium models such as the Rs 1.5 lakh Renault Zoe, which is priced at Rs 2.5 crore, do not have many models available for sale at the current price.

But the report says this has changed in the last two years.

The biggest buyers of luxury cars in Mumbai are the rich, who have access to the latest technology and have been able to get a very good deal on these cars.

These buyers are the ones who buy cars for the thrill of driving them.

But they are also the ones whose income depends on the car.

So they are not going to spend much on buying luxury cars.

These buyers can afford the luxury of these vehicles, but they cannot afford the cost of servicing them.

At the same time, the poor do not like the new luxury models.

This is because they feel they will be stuck with them.

And so they are buying them in larger quantities, the report said.

So what happened in Mumbai?

The report said that when the Indian economy got into a recession in 2014, demand for luxury cars was very low, with only a few hundred vehicles sold a year.

The number of luxury vehicles in Mumbai rose from a few lakh to a few million.

The report said this helped the car makers to get around the shortfall in demand.

This was partly because many carmakers were trying to bring the price of these luxury vehicles down.

After the market got off to a rocky start, the car companies were able to raise the prices of the cars and offer them at a higher price, allowing the rich to enjoy them more.

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