Auctioneers in the UK are already making a splash in the auction house market with their new bidding service, Kbid, which offers people the chance to bid on items that are only available to members of the Kbid VIP club.

But there’s something a little less exciting about bidding on a piece of music that is only available on the radio. 

In an effort to make bidding for music as easy as possible, Kbids recently launched a new app for Android phones that offers an opportunity for people to bid for songs they’ve never heard before.

Kbid’s app has also got a new tag line, “It’s a great time to be an auctioneer.”

So what are the benefits of bidding on radio shows?

Auctions are more fun and less expensive.

In fact, the cost of a radio show typically ranges from $10 to $20. 

While the actual cost of the show can vary greatly, in the past a radio station typically paid between $2,000 and $10,000 for the airplay rights for a show, which often includes the fees associated with licensing, marketing and other costs. 

Kbid is aiming to make this even cheaper.

In a blog post, Kiddiez said: “We’re aiming to bring the price down for all kinds of radio shows, with all sorts of new content.

We’re going to get a lot of the songs you’d never heard in a radio broadcast, but we’re also going to have new ones and new artists to help drive traffic.” 

What is Radio? 

Radio is a form of music broadcasting that allows listeners to hear and listen to a radio program from a variety of different stations. 

Radio can also be used to listen to digital radio, where listeners can listen to radio programs through the internet and download them for offline listening. 

Bidding on radio is one of the most popular ways to get access to new music. 

How does Kbid work?

Kbid allows you to create a new bid on a radio title that you want to bid. 

This creates a new “kbid” for the song, and allows you the opportunity to add up to 5 bids for the same song.

The number of bids is limited, and you must create your own bid, which will be added to the total.

You can then use the “bid” to create your next bid, and this process repeats until the total bid is reached. 

For example, say you want a song called “Dancing in the Dark,” to be played on the popular “Radio DJ” radio show.

You could create a bid of $10 for the title.

You would then add up all of your previous bids to get to $15, and that would be the final bid.

You then go to the Radio DJ’s site and type in your next 5 bids.

The total will be $17.

If you add another 5 bids, the total will increase to $22.

If your final bid is $25, you now have a total of $30. 

Sounds easy enough, right?

However, this process can be very tedious.

In order to get the bidding process done in a timely manner, the auctioneer must create a list of bids and put them in a bid queue.

Then, he or she must process each bid and add up the total of the bids. 

Once the bids are added to a queue, they are placed on the auction site.

After the bids have been processed, the item is added to an auction and the item’s price is set by the Kbid team. 

As soon as the auction ends, the bid can be removed and the proceeds are credited to your bank account. 

You can view the full list of available radio shows on

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