The manheim auto sale has officially started.

The sale of a Victorian mansion in Mani has officially ended.

The Manheim mansion, which was purchased by billionaire Mr Graham Manheim for $13.4 million, will now be auctioned by The Estate Agents Association (EA).

EA’s executive director, Tim Williams, said the auction was a “momentous day for the industry”.

“The auction houses are now being given the opportunity to sell a property for $50 million or more, in a country where property prices are so high,” Mr Williams said.

“This will allow the industry to develop into a market driven by real estate, with real estate developers and agents being able to focus on their business, while the community is enjoying the same amenities they do in the rest of Australia.”

The sale of the $13 million mansion in the Manheim suburb of Dingle, in the suburb of Wodonga, was due to begin on Thursday.

But due to the recent events surrounding the Mani tragedy, the sale has been delayed until January, with a decision made to take place in the new year.

EA chairman, Andrew Nelms, said there were a number of factors that made it difficult to proceed with the sale.

He said it was “not just a matter of timing”.

“We have a number things that have to be looked at and we’re not sure what we’re going to do,” Mr Nelm said.

“It’s a very significant event.

It has been very difficult.

We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Mr Nelmes said he was hoping to finalise the sale by the end of January, when the house will be ready for sale.

He said it would take “some time” to make sure the house met the criteria for the sale, and it would be up to EA to make that decision.

It was the second time the property had been auctioned in Maniac, where it sold for $15 million in 2009.

On Wednesday, The Maniac Evening News reported that the property was sold to a man who is also the chairman of the EA board.

Mr Manheim was the last person to be on the auction house property at the time, when he purchased the property for about $6 million in 1999.

The house was purchased in 1892, after which Mr Manheim built a six-storey home on the site.

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