The capital is now home to a huge number of auctions, many of them geared towards the luxury market, and in particular for auctioneers.

But there’s also an emerging market for the rarest and most sought-after breeds. 

It’s the Iron Horse auction, held every other weekend at the Earl’s Auction House on Oxford Street in central London.

This year’s event saw an astonishing £2.7 million sold, with more than two dozen rare horses on sale.

The horses were acquired by the Earl, who owns a family horse farm in the village of Porthleven, north of London.

The Earl’s horses are sold on at the auction.

They range in quality from very old, to very fine, with an average price of £50,000, according to the auctioneers .

They include some of the most prized horses in the world, including one that was given to the Prince of Wales as a gift.

For those who have never had the chance to own one, the horses are worth tens of thousands of pounds.

It’s an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to see one of the finest and most beautiful horses in their family. 

The Earl has a reputation as a passionate horse collector, and the auction sold more than 10,000 horses last year.

The Earl and his family are well known in London, and he has sold horses to celebrities such as Prince Charles and Diana.

It has been said that horses are the perfect pets for a monarch.

But it is not just for royalty, the horse market is booming for owners who want to raise money for charity.

One horse auction house that’s in the game is the Ironhorse auction, which offers a unique opportunity for the curious.

There are three different categories for buyers.

There are those who want a horse that was acquired from a local breeder and bought in a family auction, or who have been rescued from a well-run and well-funded stall.

It may be a rescue from a breeder or rescue, or it may be the result of a good show, such as the show at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London. 

 Other categories of buyers are those looking for a rare horse that’s currently being bred in England, which is worth more than £20,000.

There’s also the one that comes from a breed that has not been seen in the UK since the 18th century.

The auctioneer said that they sold more rare horses last month than any other month in the last five years.

While the Earl has not revealed his exact breeding methods, he said that the horses he has bought are not very similar to what you’d find in the US or UK.

“Our breeding is not in the same ballpark as other horse breeds in the market, but we have managed to keep up with the current demand,” he said.

Iron Horse is a huge market, especially for the luxury-horse market, as it’s home to many luxury boutiques, including the famous James Bond store in London and the famous Bordeaux auction house.

And it is one of those rare markets that people come back to again and again.

“We’ve had a few people who come back, but most of them haven’t gone back,” said the auctioneer.

“They are happy to have a horse at their house for a day or two and they will come back again and have another one.

It is one that is worth the investment.”

There is no fee for the sale, and once the horses have been bought they are not sold again.

You can see all the listings for Iron Horse in the London listings on the Iron horse auctioneers website, which has over 2,000 listings for sale in the city alone.

In fact, this year the auction house has had more than 20 auctions in London alone, and they’re all happening at the same time.

On Thursday night the Earl had an auction at the Edwardian Arms.

The auctioneers have been selling a variety of items from the royal collections to the latest fashion trends and even a couple of rare cars.

They’ve also held a couple special events this year, such in June when the auction was held at the Palace of Westminster and in August when the Earl auctioned a pair of rare and very expensive horses at the Bordeaus.

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