A salvaging service has offered a service to help people salvage their property from a wreck. 

The website salvagingcabins.com has posted listings of properties which are now in need of salvaging and is looking for buyers. 

The service has been run by Vikram and Virendra who have been working in the industry for two years now. 

“In the last few months, we have been receiving a lot of queries from the public regarding the salvage market,” says Vikram.

“In the past few months we have also started to receive calls from people who are looking for a salvage job in Mumbai,” he adds. 

Mr Vikram says the company offers the service as a service and also sells the materials on the site. 

He says it is possible to buy scrap from the salvage site and sell the material at a profit.

“We do our best to match the specifications of the client and get them the perfect salvage job,” he says. 

When contacted, Virenda said he did not want to share details of the business because of the nature of the job. 

A spokesperson for Seala and Seala Ltd.

said, “We provide our customers with a high quality salvage service to ensure the quality of the finished products we offer. 

Sale of scrap is a common practice across the country.

In our market, we are selling scrap in bulk for the lowest possible price. 

We have the expertise to work with the best clients and have always been in touch with them regarding the quality and the quality process of the salvage. 

All we ask for is the honesty and the utmost trustworthiness,” she added. 

After contacting the site, Vika said the company has a good reputation and the client would get what they are looking after. 

However, she also added, “This is not a one-off job, it is something we have done many times before and it is our duty to continue with it. 

I have never heard of anyone being rejected for this job.” 

If you are interested in helping, please call Vika at 09-20542020 for more information.

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