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Vistas Auction and Villa Auction House will be selling three properties, all in the Westland area of Orange County, including the two-story home that was featured in the television series “Vistas.”

The property in question is a two-bedroom, four-bath house at 775 S. Alameda St. in the town of Villa.

According to the listing, it is located at 3125 N. Alhambra Ave.

and was built in 1929.

It was last sold for $1.2 million in 2003.

The other property on the lot is a three-story, 2,000-square-foot home at Villa, which is also located at 725 S. Alma St. The home was built around 1904 and is described as “a two-family house.”

It is described in the listing as a two bedroom, two bathroom home.

Both properties are currently listed for $3.2,000,000.

The first house on the list, Villa Auction house, has three properties listed for sale in Orange County.

The most recent one, the Villa Auction, home is for sale at 733 N. Bodega St. It is listed for a sale price of $3,742,500.

The second house on Villa Auction’s list, 775 Villa, has two properties listed in Orange, California.

The listing, which was posted Wednesday, lists the Villa auction, home, and home and garage at 723 N. El Camino Real.

It says that the home has a 2,600 square foot living room with a balcony, a walk-in closet, and a large fireplace.

The home was also listed in San Diego.

It has a 4,500 square foot master bedroom, a 3,500-square foot master bathroom, and 4,000 square foot garage.

The house has a large rear deck and deck that can be accessed from the kitchen.

Villas other property, 725 Villa, is listed as a one-bedroom home for $2,750,000 and a three bedroom, 4,200 square foot home for sale for $4,000 the listing says.

Both homes are located at the corner of El Caminos El Camo and Alhambrans Sts.

The Villa Auction houses property in Villa, California is located in the area where “Villas” was filmed.

The site where the show was filmed, El Camilo, is about a half mile south of Villa Auction and was located in Orange.

The house that is listed is located on the same street as the Villa home.

The property is listed at 2,950 square feet, has a 3-car garage, a 7,500 feet lot, a 2-car driveway, a driveway to the back yard, a backyard, and is on a lot of open land.

It also has a backyard that can accommodate four horses.

The listing also lists a three and a half-car drive-through garage, along with a walk and bike path and an open-space garden.

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