Posted November 10, 2018 11:05:00The Pwcc auction site is a directory of auctions that are going on in Australia, and offers a wealth of information for the online auctioneer to find a good deal.

Auctioneer, Pauline Pemberton, has been posting Pwcm auctions on the site since November.

“It’s always a great time when we can go and have a look at all the auctions that we’re having and see what the current price is,” Ms Pembertons owner, Paulie Pembertons mother, said.

She said the site has been an excellent resource for both people wanting to find bargains and buyers looking for quality.

“The auctions are all very easy to navigate, it’s really just a matter of filling in the forms, and the auctions are sorted so you can see exactly what you’re bidding on,” Ms Flemings said.

“There are lots of listings on there, a lot of things are being sold.”

I like to think we have a very healthy market.

There’s lots of bargains for everyone.

“The site has about 25,000 listings to choose from, with a number of them going for $150,000 and above.

For a more detailed view of the auctions and some interesting tips on what to look for when bidding, read on.

What is a PWCC auction?

A PWCC is an auction that is run by a local community association.

It is run for a specific purpose and involves a community group, such as a school, council or local police station, that decides what to auction off.

A PWC auction is usually hosted by a community organisation, but some auctioneers will also be able to host their own events.”

We can do anything from a children’s auction to an adult auction,” Ms Henson said.

The community organisation then organises a selection of items for auction and the community members vote to decide what is sold.

It is important that the auction is a safe environment, because it can be dangerous for the people who are participating, Ms Hennessey said.


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