In June, Disney released a massive catalog of nearly 700 pieces of merchandise featuring every single Disney princess and their films.

In a move that was seen as a major blow to fans of the property, Disney cut the catalog in half, dropping all but a handful of characters and their merchandise from the line-up.

The move has since sparked heated debate and controversy in the fandom.

In response to the announcement, fans of The Little Mermaid have taken to Twitter to share their own feelings on the matter.

“I love everything about The Little Miss Mermaid.

My favorite character is the one with the pink nose and the blue eyes, but even I have issues with her voice, which sounds very girly and not exactly Disney-y.

I’m still not entirely sure why Disney cut her voice from the catalog, since I really like the song that she sings in the movie,” said @thelittlemissmerman on Twitter.

The Little Witch Academia is not the only film featuring Disney characters in their final season.

The upcoming Beauty and the Beast has a cast of new Disney characters joining the ranks of the characters who died off in the latest Disney film.

While some fans still think the Disney characters should have been left in the films, others have said that The Little Beauty should have stayed in the movies instead of being scrapped.

Disney has been accused of having a “revisionist history” by some fans, who feel that the studio should have made the films more inclusive.

“Disney cut out all of the female characters because that’s the way they are.

They’re all white.

I don’t know why they even bother with the other ones,” said one fan on Twitter who goes by @craigandjosh.

“They should have left them in the original versions, or at least made them more inclusive and include more of the more diverse cast,” said another Twitter user.

In fact, some fans feel that Disney did this because they didn’t want to be in the Disney catalog again in 2020.

“The only reason Disney made the Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast in the first place was because they thought that the characters they had planned would get cancelled,” said a Twitter user known as @thedaynightbaker.

“This is a re-release, and that’s how they make the movies.”

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