When a house sale goes on sale, buyers and sellers have different expectations for the property.

So, what’s the best way to tell the story of the house you’re buying and selling?

That’s what researchers at Emory University and the University of Michigan conducted a series of auctions to find out.

The researchers found that the sellers were able to tell a house’s story in different ways, using a combination of physical, financial and emotional cues.

These cues can help tell the differences between homes that sell for a million and a million dollars, or two-bedroom houses that sell at $100,000.

The buyers may be more interested in the price tag, but the sellers are more likely to want to understand the history of the property and its condition, as well as its history of owners and its future market value.

Here are the results:The auctioneer at the front of the room, who is often the person to walk through the house with the buyer, is usually someone who has owned the property for years, said Andrew Lea, the Emory College of Business professor who conducted the study.

In the auction, the auctioneer is the one who has been around for a long time, Lea said.

The auctioneer may have been the only person who ever had the property sold to someone else.

In an auction, he has a very long history, and you don’t see that in an auction.

You see that a lot in an appraisal.

In terms of the physical cues that are presented to the buyer and seller, the most important is what is called a “family history,” said Lea.

This is the family history of who owned the house, whether they’re related or not.

It’s about the past, it’s about what the owner would have wanted, and it’s the kind of information that will help the buyer determine whether the buyer would want to buy the property or not.

“In a typical auction, buyers will typically get an overview of the home and ask the auction house to list the property as if it were sold to a family member.

This may include a photograph, history of repairs, and more.

The family history helps the seller know what kind of value the house will be worth.

In a more emotional auction, people might want to know the family’s history, too, LeA said.

For example, a buyer might want information about the previous owner of the residence, or a family history about the property itself.

In this auction, both of these elements can be relevant.

But it’s also important to note that buyers and buyers can also get information about previous buyers and their intentions, Leas said.

This information can be helpful in determining whether the seller is interested in buying the property, and if so, how much they’re willing to pay.

Lea said that buyers who want to learn more about the history or values of their homes should pay attention to a few key pieces of information in an estate sale: a list of the buyer’s property history, whether the property is a gift, a family-owned house, and how many years have passed since the previous buyer bought the property (the “family window”).

A family history is a list that includes the family members and current occupants.

It is typically about two or three pages long.

It contains the name, address, and the date the home was purchased.

This family history includes the names and ages of the family, the owners of the homes, and other information.

A home is considered family when it is owned by the same family.

The buyer will need to read all the family information to be able to know whether they are interested in purchasing the property through a family window.

The seller can provide information about whether the family lived in the home, such as the home’s ownership history.

When the buyer asks for the family window, the seller may ask them if the current occupant lives in the house or if there is a family relative living there.

The current occupant might have to provide more information about family members living in the residence than the current owner of that home.

In addition, the current occupants might have their own history, such the previous occupant had a history of mental illness or drug addiction.

The buyer might also want to ask about any family members who were living in or on the property at the time of the sale, such a grandparents, a great-grandparents, a brother-sister family, and a niece or nephew living in and on the house.

These relatives might include the current family members as well.

This information can help the seller make an informed decision about whether or not the buyer will buy the house and what they are looking for in a home.

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