When the police auction a car, the price depends on the value of the car, and that is what makes it exciting to many.

The police auctioneer will ask for a deposit of at least $2,000, and he or she will take the car for about 15 minutes to get it appraised and appraised well.

If the seller is a police officer, the auction will last about an hour and a half.

If it’s a person, they will be given a few hours to come up with the money for the auction.

The car is appraised once it’s finished, and the owner will be allowed to take a photo of it for the police department and the police website.

The price is set by the police, but the auctioneer can change the price to whatever he or her thinks is fair, which is why police auctions are not typically public.

The auction is held in front of thousands of people and usually runs for a few days.

In many cities, police auctions do not happen for years, but in some cases, police can auction their cars for as little as $100.

For years, police officers have auctioned off their cars in some cities for about $1,000 to $2.00 each, but recently, they have begun to take bids on their own cars.

A number of officers, including several in the San Francisco Police Department, have taken their cars out for auctions in the past.

Police officers will sometimes pay $1.50 for a car that is worth more than $2 million.

In some cases officers have paid $2 to $3,000.

Officers are also taking a cut of the proceeds of their cars.

In San Francisco, officers can earn a commission of $1 on a sale of their vehicles, and in New York City, officers earn 10% on every sale of cars.

The auction process is one that police departments have long used, and they can be difficult to understand.

When a car auctioneer auctions, the person selling the car will first go through a series of auctions in which he or She will ask people for cash.

He or She then will call the person and offer them a chance to sell the car at a price that is more than the person paid for it.

The person who sells the car may ask for $500, but that can be quickly turned into tens of thousands if people are willing to sell their cars and are willing for it to be appraised.

“It is a little bit of a strange business because a lot of the cars that are auctioned have a lot more money in them than a lot less money,” said Mike Rinaldi, a professor of criminal justice at UC Berkeley.

Rinaldi said that for the most part, people who take on a car bidding on a police vehicle are usually good people.

“But they do have a problem with the bidding process because they’re not getting any sort of assurance that they’re going to get the money back.”

In some instances, people will ask the police for a cash payment that they will pay back with a few weeks’ worth of salary or a few hundred dollars in a month.

Once a vehicle is auctioned, the car is then removed from the auction and put in a storage locker.

After that, the owner of the vehicle will be able to sell it for a higher price or sell it to another police department for less than the value.

If the owner does not want to sell his or her car, or it is too expensive, the police can turn the car over to a private collector for auction.

As with many auction businesses, some police departments are trying to make their auctions more accessible to the public. 

The Los Angeles Police Department recently auctioned a police car for $25,000 with proceeds from the sale going to the city’s homeless shelters.

The department also auctioned the car of a former officer to raise money for veterans of the city.

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