On the night of June 5, 1878, a pair of cattle named Kiko and Darr, who were then known as cowan, were auctioned off at a barn on Long Island.

According to a book on the auction, they had been bred at a private breeding operation in New York, where they had a reputation for being “unattractive, short, and lean,” and for being weak and weak.

The auctioneer at the auction house, William Cowan, offered the auctioneer’s bid of $10,000 for the pair.

The seller was none other than his father, William Darr.

After the auction ended, the cowans’ owners, the farmer and his wife, had to pay $1,000 to have the cattle reared and sold.

According a later auctioneer, Cowan also offered to pay for the animals’ maintenance.

“It was a wonderful sale,” Cowan told The New York Times in 1882.

“I was able to buy a couple of cows, which was a good day.”

The auction house did not offer an estimate for the sale of the cowan breeders.

Cowan had been working with the farm at the time, and he had developed the cow-breeding system he would later use to win the New York State Fair.

A few years later, he purchased a herd of buffalo and cattle in Buffalo, New York.

Cowans family business was a successful one, with more than 200 cows and cattle, and the family ranch, which is still located on the property, now holds about 70 animals.

After a number of years, Cowans cattle, however, had become too large for his farm, so he began selling them to buyers in New England.

He would eventually turn the cows over to the National Park Service, which had purchased the land and the cattle from Cowan in 1902.

In 1911, the park department auctioned over 600 animals from the Cowans herd.

A decade later, a cowan was sold for $4,400.

That was in the auction’s first year of operation.

By 1930, the Cowan family had become so wealthy, it was selling off all of its cows to private buyers.

In 1931, Cowann, who was a large part of the breeding process for the cow, was killed by a disgruntled employee.

A new breed, the bison, was born and the breed’s popularity continued to grow.

In 1943, Cowant, the owner of the cattle, was convicted of animal cruelty for killing the cow.

At the time of his death, Coward had a fortune estimated at $2.7 million.

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