Woodbridge Auto Auction: Alligator, Blackbird, and Mustang cars on display in NJ

Woodbridge, N.J. — Woodbridge Auction Auction’s newest exhibit is the biggest and best, but the car that was its highlight for years is a bit different.

The 2010 Ford F-150 Raptor has been up for sale at the car show for more than a year.

But it’s a different car, a black 2010 Toyota Camry that is part of the show’s new exhibit, which opens this weekend.

It’s the only car on display.

It also is the only one from Woodbridge that is listed on the website of the auction house’s parent company, Woodbridge Automotive, which owns the car.

The car has not been officially listed, but there are several websites that claim to have it.

That website has listed it as a rare and desirable item.

Woodbridge has said it only has one car in its collection.

It is not a new car.

It was the first car Woodbridge acquired in the early 2000s, and it was sold to the company that eventually became the auctioneers.

It went through a number of owners over the years, with several of them making it into auction houses, but only the one that Woodbridge bought in 2006, which is the one it is currently in.

Woodbridges current owner, the California-based private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, bought it from Silver Lake in 2009 for $9 million.

It has been used to make a number.

The company’s website says it is a two-wheeler with an aluminum chassis that was used for military and law enforcement purposes.

That was also the chassis used in the Blackhawk helicopter, but Silver Lake never bought it.

It said the Blackbird is used in high-speed, high-volume commercial vehicle deliveries.

The Raptor was a four-door, two-seater pickup truck that was popular with military and police personnel during World War II.

The Blackbird had a four door that was also used in military and was also bought from Silverlake.

The cars were mostly used for off-road and military uses, including as an ambulance and a police cruiser.

A few were sold for a number, including a 2011 Lincoln Continental that was one of the first of its kind in North America.

The new car at Woodbridge was a black, 2010 Toyota F-350 that was sold in January.

Its previous owner was the company Silver Lake purchased in 2009.

That car went through several owners before Silver Lake bought it in June 2016.

It will be up for auction for the first time on Saturday at Woodbridgies auction house, which opened in Woodbridge in 2011.

It hosts car auctions at its office in downtown Woodbridge.

A photo on the Woodbridge auction site shows the car, which the company said had been up there for several years.

It had a front bumper with a sticker saying, “For sale,” and it had a sticker that said, “The F-500 is now up for grabs.”

The auction house says the car was sold by a friend of Silver Lake.

It goes on sale at 10 a.m.

Saturday at the Woodbridge.

It sold for $10,000.

Woodbigner auction house sells more than 200 rare cars every year.

It says it sold nearly 1,200 cars in 2018, and 1,700 in 2019.

The Woodbridge Car Auction is one of several car shows in the state that also feature a lot of antique and vintage cars.

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